Rubber Washers

Rubber washer is a flat, circular ring made of rubber which is usually placed between the surface and screw to reduce the noise level and increase the tension. They are used in those machines where a tight seal is required and in those places which are more likely to be exposed to water, moisture or any other fluid form.

rubber washersWe are the foremost manufacturers of rubber washers of different shape, size, thickness and also customizable as per clients requirement. Rubber washers are widely used in domestic uses as they have excellent flexibility and tear resistance. They are used in industries like:

  • Automobile Industries
  • Electrical & Electronic Industries
  • Engineering Industries


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Pallet Handling Conveyor Systems

Pallet Handling Conveyor Systems

We are has practical experience in pallet conveyor system equipment that is intended for high-volume and substantial obligation execution. We offer an extensive variety of rollers, drives, and edge development. Pallet  Conveyors manufactures a full line of standard Pallet Conveyors and accomplices to deal with each size. Pallet handling systems are designed with the understanding that they connect with fork trucks and should be fabricated intense. Accessories like roller coatings, sharp edge stops, stick stops, crowders, side rails, positioners, lifts, and walk plates are all accessible as standard things, so they are demonstrated and cost effective.

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Polyurethene Moulded Roller

Our domain expertise has enabled us to offer an outstanding collection of polyurethane moulded rollers which are capable of functioning for long hours. Our offered polyurethane roller offered by us can be cast to your precise specifications, shapes, and sizes.

Manufacturer & Export polyurethane moulded rollers for different Applications in Industries. The Rollers are available in different size and capacity and used widely for toughness, durability & high load bearing capability. Also we offer an unbeatable line of products such as PU Rollers, PU Components, PU Rod & Sheet, PU Tubes,and PU Metal Bonded Products. Special Purpose Rollers are also available. The latest technology is used for polyurethane covering of various. Rollers up to 6m in length and 2m in diameter.

This method is called rotational casting or ribbon flow molding. Production of covered roller sat the minimum time with best surface quality are possible.We do open casting rollers like bridle roller for steel and aluminum plants on their tension leveler line.These rollers with various dimensions and different kinds of flat ribbed are used in all industries such as steel, iron, aluminum, wood and textile.

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Screw Conveyor

A screw conveyor is an instrument that uses a rotating helical screw blade called a flighting frequently within a cylinder, to move liquid or granular particles. Personalized length and width of belts to suit product and application demands, Belt running on steel chevron flat bed with drive sprockets at one end and tension drum and sprockets at other Can also be used in high temperature applications Width of belt from 300 to 1000mm

With our proficiency in this manufacturing of conveyor belts, industrial instrument, we have been capable to offer a assortment of Screw Conveyors. All our products are developed using quality approved raw material as per standard quality procedure which is suitable to industry. The products we offer are considered a very significant accessory component for the packaging industry used to carry products from ground level to the machine hopper, speed of the elevator and others are in a coordinated manner with basic and main machine. We offer this range with not obligatory accessories like bucket type elevator and in fully stainless steel coverings.

Special Features:

  • Hopper Capacity: 100 to 500 kg
  • Elevator is controlled by automatic level control system with leveling sensor
  • Available with fully covered frame in case of powder
  • Easy to clean the bottom turf by bottom opening
  • All material contact parts are made of food grade stainless steel
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Bend Modular Belt Conveyor

The modular belt conveyor KMF-P 2040 is available with several track layouts (L/S/U) and curve angles of 45° or 90°. Using individual variations, the track layout can be perfectly tailored to the existing conditions. The different conveyor widths ranging from 164mm upto 1005 mm and offer a very good effective width ratio, which is of advantage in confined spaces on site. In addition, the system is modular in structure and in combination with straight and incline conveyors practically all track layouts can be implemented in three-dimensional space.

Dimensions – Technical Data

  • Conveyor width: 164mm; 241mm; 317mm; 394mm;470mm; 546mm; 623mm; 699mm; 776mm; 852mm; 928mm; 1005 mm
  • Effective width: up to B = 394mm the usable width is BN = B-30mm, from B = 470mm it is BN = B-35mm
  • Conveyor length: custom from 475-10000 mm
  • Total load: up to 150 kg
  • Drive & speed: to v = 30 m/min
  • Drive versions: AC, AF, AS

Modular plastic conveyor belt manufacturers are plastic chains in Polypropelene, Poly ethylene and Poly acetal. These find applications in a variety of applications replacing the convetional belt conveyors.

The systems are modular in construction. The links of the belts can be easily replaced in case of damages.
Maintenance of the conveyors vis a vis conventional conveyors is minimal.
The associated issues of tracking of belts is avoided totally with modular belts

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Chevron Conveyor Belts

We are offering our customers high quality Chevron Belt which are highly honored by our customers. These Conveyor Belts are manufactured by fine quality material, which make certain of its best quality. These belt are available in loose bulk form materials and to convey material at angels to prevent load slip and roll back, in construction industry, stone quarries, road scalpers, batching plants and truck loading system.

Chevron Conveyor Belts are designed for space-saving on steep inclines, even up to 40 Degrees, where they deliver enlarged capacity when carrying bulk materials with a lump size up to 150mm, used in varied applications, such as stone, sand, fertilizer, coal, coke clinkers, potatoes, etc.


  • Excellent choice for high capacity conveying at steep angles to prevent load slip or product roll back
  • Cleats integrally moulded with the top cover rubber preventing separation from the belt
  • A large range of designs and patterns available
  • Cleats with high scratch confrontation and elastic rubber compounds for elasticity
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Rubber Conveyor Belts

Pashupati Rubber Roller Offers standard quality Rubber Conveyor Belts, we use finest quality raw materials that resource by our proficient vendors who have year of data and vast knowledge in this field of industry. Our main aim is to make available standard quality goods to our clients as per their needs and supplies. We also ensure to convey our consignments on time.  Offered products are well known for their robust creation and resilience. Rubber Conveyor Belt of exceptional grade has been used for its complete structure. It has been designed in an ergonomic manner. Offered products are used to convey metal parts through copper and aluminum brazing furnaces, bronze and iron parts through sintering furnaces, textiles and chemicals industries. Offered products are available at reasonable rates in the market.


  • Unique cadaver Construction
  • Superior sticking together Levels
  • Enhanced Flex Life
  • Low Belt Stretch
  • Excellent Impact Resistance
  • Improved Resistance to Mechanical Damage
  • Mildew, Moisture & Rot Resistance
  • Improved Resistance to Ozone and Ultra Violet Radiation
  • Improved Efficiency of Joints
  • Improved Tear conflict & Excellent Trough ability
  • Suitable for all Applications
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