PU Roller

We measure out high quality of PU Roller (Polyurethane Rollers) which are constructed as per customer specification. These are precision routine to smooth finish & certified for its resistance to scrape & corrosion. Our entire extensity is fulfilled in varied material covers & can also custom made as per requirements of the customers.

We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of polyurethane rollers using latest techniques and quality raw material. PU Rollers Offer large impact flexibility, elastic memory, Noise subtraction & are resistance to oil & corrosion. In the production, conversion & conveying of film, foil & paper etc.. For that hugely (largely) used Polyurethane Rollers (PU Rollers). PU Roller - polyurethane product mfg

While Other PU Rollers are composed for use in garbage treatment machinery..!  Polyurethane is a very resourceful material, with excellent cut and scrapes resistance.

Below are the features of (PU) polyurethane rollers : –

Features :-

  • High mass of bearing capacity.
  • Low rolling protection.
  • Non-marking.
  • Resistant to oil, grease & chemicals.
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