Bend Modular Belt Conveyor

The modular belt conveyor KMF-P 2040 is available with several track layouts (L/S/U) and curve angles of 45° or 90°. Using individual variations, the track layout can be perfectly tailored to the existing conditions. The different conveyor widths ranging from 164mm upto 1005 mm and offer a very good effective width ratio, which is of advantage in confined spaces on site. In addition, the system is modular in structure and in combination with straight and incline conveyors practically all track layouts can be implemented in three-dimensional space.

Dimensions – Technical Data

  • Conveyor width: 164mm; 241mm; 317mm; 394mm;470mm; 546mm; 623mm; 699mm; 776mm; 852mm; 928mm; 1005 mm
  • Effective width: up to B = 394mm the usable width is BN = B-30mm, from B = 470mm it is BN = B-35mm
  • Conveyor length: custom from 475-10000 mm
  • Total load: up to 150 kg
  • Drive & speed: to v = 30 m/min
  • Drive versions: AC, AF, AS

Modular plastic conveyor belt manufacturers are plastic chains in Polypropelene, Poly ethylene and Poly acetal. These find applications in a variety of applications replacing the convetional belt conveyors.

The systems are modular in construction. The links of the belts can be easily replaced in case of damages.
Maintenance of the conveyors vis a vis conventional conveyors is minimal.
The associated issues of tracking of belts is avoided totally with modular belts

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