Chevron Conveyor Belts

We are offering our customers high quality Chevron Belt which are highly honored by our customers. These Conveyor Belts are manufactured by fine quality material, which make certain of its best quality. These belt are available in loose bulk form materials and to convey material at angels to prevent load slip and roll back, in construction industry, stone quarries, road scalpers, batching plants and truck loading system.

Chevron Conveyor Belts are designed for space-saving on steep inclines, even up to 40 Degrees, where they deliver enlarged capacity when carrying bulk materials with a lump size up to 150mm, used in varied applications, such as stone, sand, fertilizer, coal, coke clinkers, potatoes, etc.


  • Excellent choice for high capacity conveying at steep angles to prevent load slip or product roll back
  • Cleats integrally moulded with the top cover rubber preventing separation from the belt
  • A large range of designs and patterns available
  • Cleats with high scratch confrontation and elastic rubber compounds for elasticity
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