Gravity Roller Conveyor

Non-powered roller conveyors or Gravity Roller Conveyors are the most economical and common method of conveying unit loads. The  Gravity Roller Conveyors are typically mounted on a slight decline angle, therefore using gravity to assist product movement, especially for long distances.  They can also be used in applications where the conveyor is level and operators can push the product along to its final destination, allowing for multiple workstations, if needed. These systems are used in a variety of material handling applications, including hand-powered areas, as part of a flow system paired with a power conveyor, or on an incline. We can help you specify the right conveyor for your application.We are engaged in offering Gravity Roller Conveyor for safe and virtually maintenance-free handling of goods for diverse application requirements. Renowned for rigid construction and apt conveying ability, these conveyors finds wide application in warehousing, production lines, accumulation at start or end of powered conveyors & manual assembly lines. To meet client requirement we also offer 90-degree bend gravity roller conveyor.

Application of Gravity Roller Conveyor

  • Convey loads of Cartons, Totes, Fixtures, Cardboard Boxes
  • Non-Contact Accumulation
  • Unitized
  • Pallet loads when bottom boards are perpendicular to the rollers
  • Pallet loads when bottom boards are parallel to the rollers
  • Side loading/unloading
  • Accumulation of loads

Where it Works:

  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Aerospace
  • Government Military & Agency
  • Automotive
  • Parcel Handling
  • Appliance
  • Cabinetry & Furniture
  • Food & Beverage


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