Light Duty Conveyor Belt

With a wide-ranging choice, to ensemble nearly all the Industries, light duty industrial conveyor belts are manufactured with various base fabrics like polyester, nylon, cotton, solid woven, fiber cut-glass etc. and top surface veneer with Rubber/PVC/PU Conveyor Belt.

These belts are available in White, Green, Black or any other color according to specific requirement, up to 2400 mm wide.


Features :

  • Low operating noise & costs, reduced maintenance, excellent durability.
  • Largely impervious to oils, greases and many chemicals.
  • Special types give excellent grip on inclines.
  • Abrasion resistant – Rugged.
  • High strength – Low stretch characteristic.
  • Light & thin, better strength/weight ratio – energy saving.
  • Superb tracking over great length- longitudinally flexible & laterally stiff.
  • Antistatic – prevents electrostatic build-ups.
  • Can be fitted with flights, profiles & sidewalls.
  • Wide ranges of availability in 1,2,3 ply construction & solid woven.
  • Simple thermo jointing finger or spliced, and can be done at site even.
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